Please note that the forthcoming Autumn Rock Choir rehearsal schedule will be rehearsed in a virtual and interactive environment online with additional group meet-ups according to government social distancing guidelines. However we will revert to full physical rehearsals in your local venue as soon as possible. Therefore, please follow the process of joining us below and choose your local or favoured physical rehearsal venue. You will then become a part of that specific choir during the online rehearsals until we can re-group and you are able to attend your rehearsal venue in person.

The Autumn rehearsal schedule 2020 will begin in the week starting Monday 14th September for 10 weeks and will be led by your local Rock Choir Leader online. You will receive email communication from him/her and instructions as to how your online and interactive rehearsals will take place.

The normal (physical) weekly rehearsal in your venue is allocated to a set time each week as stated in your registration process but your virtual rehearsals will be at various times during each week as stated in forthcoming email communication.

Please note that there are Rock Choir Summer events also taking place through July/August/September and everyone is welcome to take part. Please contact for more information and to book your place.

Many thanks for your support and understanding during this unusual time.