Please note that our Spring 2021 Rock Choir rehearsal schedule is offered online in a virtual and interactive environment.

We plan to return to physical rehearsals as soon as we are able to but in order to accommodate every eventuality or potential government change and to ensure that everyone remains safe and their situations are catered for, we will continue online as well.

The Spring term 2021 rehearsal schedule begins in the week commencing 11th January 2021 for 10 weeks and will be led online by your local Rock Choir Leader.

If you know you want to join Rock Choir and you know which choir you would like to join please click the link below, enter your postcode and select your choir:

If you would like to try a FREE taster session with Rock Choir we will be delighted to welcome you. Click on the link below, enter your postcode and find your local choir:

The Members always love to see new faces so you will be very welcome and you will have a chance to chat with your Choir Leader before the sessions starts.

We look forward to seeing you.

The Rock Choir Team